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Jeroen van Kleef


My name is Jeroen van Kleef and I tell stories for a living. Not only myself through digital products like apps and books but also for companies. Almost always with the help of digital products.

Right now I am a public servant working at the Veiligheidsregio (the disaster management department of the province where I live). I am the webmaster and part of the communications department. This goes for both the fire department as the disaster management services. Before 2018 I was a journalist for Dagblad van het Noorden and the Leeuwarder Courant. 

Who I am

Maybe a littleNerdy

When I tell you I might be a little nerdy in my down time, this shouldn't come as much of a surprise. I write, I play and create games and build computers. 

Want to find out more of what I do when I'm not working? Take a look around this site. You'll find out a lot.

In the mean time if you want to meet me in game, I suggest you either pick up Overwatch or World of Warcraft. Chances are you'll see me around.

What I can do for you

The Value of
modern day technology

When people talk about what technology means, it often means to them personally. However knowing a little bit more about modern technology can help in your daily work.

For example: During my time at the Veiligheidsregio I created several tools for the analysts working there. These tools automated a lot of manual processes saving the company hundreds of hours of (tedious) work.

Knowing how to use a computer to your advantage will save your company time that can be spent on your core business.

Digital Products

I can advise you how to create a digital product that works for your users.


Development is an intricate process, and I am well versed in its pitfalls.

Mobile First

Your products need to be usable on mobile devices as well as on desktops.


Making your analytics a lot easier is possible. And that data can help you  make your product better and more effective.



One of my favorite games is Overwatch by Blizzard. Even though I am by no means an FPS (first person shooter) king. 


This Is What I'm Working On Right Now


Project Pinky

Inspired by the Warner Brothers cartoon, project Pinky is one step away from reaching it's goal. Just like it's cartoon counterpart.

Local news website
Ukrant is the local university newspaper for the RuG in Groningen. I advise them on the technical aspects of their website.

Travel gamification

Like many people I love to travel. But there are some aspects of travel that could benefit from some gamification.

News context

News is seldom something that is created in a vacuum. And sometimes it needs a little more context to make sense.

This is what I made before

Over the years I was lucky enough to be working on several very cool projects. 


Telling the story
Is only half of the job

During my time as a journalist  (over 10 years) I worked at several outlets. And the more time progressed the more clear it became that just telling a story isn't enough these days. 

Journalists need more skills than just making a TV-item or a newspaper article. I try to learn as many skills as I can like coding in Javascript, HTML and CSS. 

That being said, like any other journalist I am proud of the stories I got to tell. You'll find some of them here.

Being an intern is no joke in journalism. You get thrown in the deep end the second day on the job.

I can say I had a very interesting time at NRC Handelsblad, one of the premier newspapers in the Netherlands.

I got to write several articles, but the ones that stuck with me are the obituaries I wrote for two senators:

"Niemand is wijs die de ander geen ruimte laat"

"Senator met theater op zoek naar publiek"


In my role as a journalist at Dagblad van het Noorden, I enjoyed the freedom of writing about a wide range of subjects. Most of which had something to do with technology. These are some of the articles I wrote for the newspaper:

Profile of Wernher von Braun

Gaming on the cheap

Profile of Esports and the Hearthstone championships

Video streaming services explained

The Scottish independence referendum

The Zuiderzeelijn was a train infrastructure plan in The Netherlands. As it was being cancelled politicians reacted to the news.

You can listen to my live report here.

You can listen to my reportage here.

During the election year 2009 I was editor-in-chief of the Commotie student magazine. Together with the other reporters we made this election special that tells the story of the elections through the eyes of communication professionals.

You can download the magazine here.


Contact me

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Feel like having a chat or a cup of tea after what you've read about me? Contact me and we'll see what we can do.

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