October 18, 2020Tools

Excluding 3rd parties from Amazon search

Third parties on Amazon are present in every search query. These stores will often have

February 5, 2020Presidential Elections USA

Election Bonus Part 2: Watching

The American elections are without a doubt one of the greatest shows on earth. It's

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January 26, 2020Presidential Elections USA

How the presidential elections work Part 3: The primary calendar

In principle, local parties in states are allowed to decide for themselves when to organize

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January 19, 2020Presidential Elections USA

How the presidential elections work Part 2: Iowa & New Hampshire

Not all primaries are held on the same day. Traditionally, the primaries are first held

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May 16, 2019Tech

Review: Xiaomi Mi Box S

The Mi Box S is a big leap into the Android TV market, but not

March 19, 2019Tech

Why Google Stadia might be a gamechanger

If you watched the Google presentation from GDC on the 19th of March, you'd have

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February 23, 2019Tech

The GTX 1660 ti reviews

If you are on team red, the 1660 ti might not excite you much. After

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October 31, 2018Tech

The curated Oneplus 6T review

After the Pocophone F1 this new smartphone might be one of the hottest new gadgets

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March 17, 2019Gaming

Two Point Hospital review

If you're ancient like me, you'll remember the Bullfrog game "Theme Hospital" from 1997. It's

November 3, 2018Gaming

Blizzcon: all you need to know

The yearly convention Blizzcon is underway in Anaheim, California this weekend. As Blizzard usually does,

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October 14, 2018Gaming

So you got Overwatch in your Humble Monthly… (part 2)

You'd be forgiven if you'd think that Overwatch is a simple game to play. You

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October 7, 2018Gaming

So you got Overwatch in your Humble Monthly… now what?

So you got your Humble Monthly and now you own Overwatch. You jump into the

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September 15, 2019Movies & Series

First look at Disney+

Should you add another streaming service to your portfolio? Disney plus, or Disney+ is vying

August 8, 2018Movies & Series

Why the internet is an awesome place: Vinheteiro

Think epic piano player. Think supergeek. Now think Youtube channel and we are off to

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May 24, 2018Movies & Series

Why I didn’t like Solo: A Star Wars story – Spoiler free

Production problems, a director change and, an iconic character portrayed by Harrison Ford. If you only

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May 23, 2018Movies & Series

Game of Thrones concert experience review

Rather than rewatching the series, you could go and see a Game of Thrones concert.

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