Why I didn’t like Solo: A Star Wars story – Spoiler free

Production problems, a director change and, an iconic character portrayed by Harrison Ford. If you only read this, you might already think that director Ron Howard was up against it. Sadly, if you expect to see a Star Wars movie you might be disappointed.

This review contains no spoilers.

Don’t get me wrong, it is clear that Disney and Howard absolutely made an effort not to disappoint fans. And as a fan, I appreciate that. But, this movie just isn’t Star Wars and it certainly isn’t Solo.

A Star Wars story

Without going into detail or spoiling anyone: this is an origin story. Who is Han, where did he come from and what exactly happened that he came into possession of the Millennium Falcon. But it is also more than that: it sets up the later conflict between the Empire and the Rebellion.

The problem here is, it feels like an explanation after the fact. This is why Han does X in A New Hope, why does he do Y in Force Awakens. It just doesn’t feel like this story was an origin story. It lacks a certain depth that Rogue One did have. You will keep asking yourself: “But why are they showing me this?”,  “Why was this significant in Han’s life?”. A feeling that will persist after the end credits roll.

That being said, I have to give the writers and director(s) credit for one final thing. One scene they got so right, I almost was willing to forgive all this. I can’t talk about it without spoiling it, but let’s just say Star Wars fans will want to cheer.

Not Solo

As much as I wanted to like this movie and wanted to like the actors, there is one glaring problem. Alden Ehrenreich just isn’t Han. He’s a good actor, he just isn’t Han. Spider-Man can hide behind his mask, so can Batman. A decent husky voice and you’ll believe it, whether it’s George Clooney or Christian Bale. And in Ehrenreich’s performance, I just can’t find him. Now to be fair: Harrison Ford pretty much made sure with his performance in Star Wars that nobody else could replace him. He is the definition of a tough act to follow. And that is THE problem that Solo: A Star Wars story has run headlong into.

As for the other actors, they do a fine job owning their character. Donald Glover pulls off the eccentric young Lando like a charm and sets up the later performance by Billy Dee Williams in the original trilogy just in the way you’d want to.

Woody Harrelson and Emilia Clark do a decent job with what they’ve been given. And that is where we run into the story again. Clarke suffers a bit from an underdeveloped character as does Harrelson. You want to care for them but, well, you don’t because they feel set up like glorified red shirts even though they aren’t.

What I did like

Any chance to go and see something Star Wars is fun. And there are a bunch of fun Star Wars moments in Solo: A Star Wars story. And let’s be honest, anytime the Falcon goes into hyperspace is a kick. We get a nice shot of a Star Destroyer and some TIE Fighters as well. All ingredients needed to make the special effects junkie in you happy.

The movie also introduces us to Sabacc, the game that delivered the Millennium Falcon into the hands of Han. It’s sort of like poker in the way it is played and the setting around the games is just so much fun for a fan because you know what is going to happen.

Another thing we knew before the movie started: It is starting to become a Star Wars trope that the droid has to be the comedic sidekick. Solo is no different. L3, portrayed by Phoebe Waller-Bridge, is kicking ass and taking names. She’s no K-2SO or C-3PO but that is due to a lack of screen time and not for lack of ass kicking.

Solo also gives you another window in a universe that most fans simply can’t get enough of. If that’s you, you’ll have a good time regardless of the flaws in the movie. Oh, and there is that one moment I talked about earlier.

Final Thoughts

You can clearly see that the cast and crew made an effort to make this movie a success. And let’s be honest, we expect an incredibly high level of quality when it comes to these movies. It turns out that in every great franchise you sometimes have a movie that just isn’t up there. This is that movie for Star Wars.

So should you go then? It depends. Are you a superfan? Then be prepared to accept that this movie isn’t as engaging as the others. Solo: A Star Wars story isn’t necessarily bad, it’s just not as engaging. Nothing comes close to Jar Jar-territory bad but neither does it soar to the heights of say the first Death Star blowing up. So you end up with a rather mediocre movie that you’ll want to love more than it deserves.

And this movie is still A LOT better than Star Trek: The Final Frontier. So… it has that going for it.


Game of Thrones concert experience review

Rather than rewatching the series, you could go and see a Game of Thrones concert. All the music that you know from the series is played by a full orchestra and there even is a flying violinist. And all of that is in the capable hands of composer Ramin Djawadi, who scored the series and conducts the concert.

So what does a concert with only Game of Thrones music look like? First of all, Djawadi made a choice in the music. He played early music in the first half of the show. Season 7 then followed the second half of the show.

All of the music was accompanied by scenes and audio from Game of Thrones, displayed at three big screens in the background. This helps a lot if you are not able to recall all the music and put them into context. During performances, the orchestra is also displayed on the big screens so you won’t miss any part of the show.

Music is coming

And don’t think you are just getting the music. This is a full-blown piece of geeky performance art. The screens actually add something to the experience. Besides that, the staging of the event is very elaborate. There are three stages in the concert hall. The main stage is where the orchestra and choir are located. Two substages house the performances of different solo-artists. That includes one flying violinist. Yes.

The music is adapted to the format as Djawadi has previously stated. He might have added a choir piece here and there. He can now freely adapt the experience to the concert halls since he is not bound to the scenes.

To see the entire setlist of the concert, you can click here.

One thing the concert isn’t is the ‘great Ramin Djawadi’-show. The maestro says a few lines during the show but that is limited to the odd ‘thank you’ and ‘now season 7 music’. This is different from the shows that composers like James Newton Howard and Hans Zimmer have done so far, where they are the star of the show. That being said, you get to see him conducting and performing(!!) the most famous parts of his music.

The performance

This also exposes the weak point in the show. If the performers are the ones taking center stage, they better be awesome. And for the second half of the performance we saw in Amsterdam, this was certainly true. The first half was mired with small mishaps and errors. Especially the fact that the audio was too loud made for some really annoying problems. The choir seemed to suffer the most as they were clearly not able to hear themselves sing, which means they sang off key every so often.

But truth be told, this is the only problem I could find in the show. Djawadi really made an effort in putting together a show that fans will enjoy the heck out of. And he succeeded. The whole show really was an homage to the series and to the musical stories he tried to tell.

Composer Ramin Djawadi is touring Europe during the spring of 2018 with the Game of Thrones concert experience. Later in the year, he is going back to the US and playing another 25 venues.


More Solo pre-fun (although it wasn’t fun for the directors)

Just a couple of more days before the release of Solo, A Star Wars story. The production of the movie was, as they say, not exactly smooth sailing. Now that doesn’t mean Solo is going to be bad. We simply will have to wait and see. But this is not how you imagine a movie being made. And for those who have seen “The Director and the Jedi”, things could not be more different.

What happened during production

Why Ron Howard will get a directors credit

Red Carpet


The Han Solo Movie: Cast & Director interviews

Another Star Wars movie, well… story. Solo: A Star Wars story hasn’t been without controversy ever since it was announced. But to be honest, it was about as predictable as Christmas that fans would have mixed feelings about a ‘young indi… *COUGH* Solo’ movie.

The script was supposed to be a disaster, the lead actor needed an acting coach to be present, and the directors were fired halfway through the project. Disney is not feeling the love of the movie gods right now, that much is certain.

But you got to wonder: that should be one hell of a making-of documentary.

Cast interview about rewrites

Woody Harrelson says pretty much nothing…

Ron Howard talks creative differences

Paul Bettany talks friendship with Paul Bettany


The Han Solo Movie: All the Teasers & Trailers

The movie Solo: A Star Wars story comes out in cinemas on may 25th. Director Ron Howard has had a tough going at it since he has taken over the fledgling movie. But anticipation is growing and fans are showing an interest in the movie.

These are all the trailers that have been released up to now. As always… beware of spoilers.

Official Trailer

Official Teaser

Spots & Clips – Playlist



Why the internet is awesome: Jurassic Park Geekery

It wasn’t apparent to me but there is a lively scene of geekery about Jurassic Park. Conspiracy theories, explanation video’s and some weirdly cool ethical discussions are on the menu when you start to browse around.

A lot of this is happening on Youtube. But first things first. Most of the discussion is centered around the new movie and well then you need to see the trailer:

Will Fallen Kingdoms be a horror movie?

Now that you’ve done that, let’s dive a little bit deeper into the matter. Klayton Fioriti dives into what he thinks is going to be the nature of the new movie. Will it be as ‘Disney’ as the first films or will it really go into horror-like territory?

And how about that story line?

Dennis Nedry

Nedry was a rather nasty sysadmin from the first movie. Feeling underappreciated all the time, he tried to sell some of the dinos to a competitor. Inadvertently setting of the chain of events which landed us pretty much here. BestInSlot tries to explain it all in this 7.5 minute video.

And don’t think JP movies are easy to create…

They aren’t. Especially if you think that Michael Crichton passed about 10 years ago. And even when he was alive, it wasn’t easy to make a new movie after The Lost World. Several scripts were chucked because the story wasn’t compelling enough.



5 Star Wars Fan Films you should see

We have to wait for just a little while still for Solo. For people who need their daily fix from a galaxy far far away, there are a number of cool fan films. Usually, around 20 minutes these flicks have been made by fans like you. And sometimes you’d have trouble believing these movies are made by amateurs.

Days Past

It may not be the fanciest production, but the story is well thought out. You’d want to know more about the story after these few minutes and that is something rather rare in fan films.

Darth Maul: Apprentice (aka gratuitous lightsaber battle: the movie)

This project by T7Pro is partially an animation, made in the spirit of Rebels and The Clone Wars. And this part is what redeems this fan movie. The first few minutes are absolutely stunning. The set up is decent, but then it devolves into an endless lightsaber battle.

What it lacks in story (and it really does), this fan film really makes up in the beauty of the locations, decent acting, and plain good special effects.

The Distant Echo

It’s a bold choice when you try and recreate characters that people have seen in the cinema. It might just not work. However, in The Distant Echo, it kind of does. The special effects are quite decent and the acting is up to snuff too. Worth watching.

The Old Republic: Rescue Mission

Around twenty minutes of story focused fan film. That is pretty much a summary of ToR: Rescue Mission. The effects are quite nice and the story is quite compelling. Combine that quite good camera work and you got a nice 20 minutes of film.


I was so surprised how well the special effects are done in these fan films. Exile is no exception. This is rather a more horror like experience but boy do those effects look awesome. Exile must have a good location scout because they did an awesome job. But before you watch, this fan films is definitely rated R.

Bonus: A smugglers trade

This one is actually really good. Watch it.

geralt / Pixabay

John Williams, composed by AI?

 AI is the future. Well, it’s sort of now and sort of in the future. Today what you might call AI is machine learning. Machine learning is not the android like Data in Star Trek but a computer that learns for itself.

So rather than being an intelligence all on its own, it’s rather more a machine that can learn from a large body of data like classical music. After learning Mozart and Bach, you can give it tasks like making predictions based on those compositions.

Now, I wouldn’t be telling you all this if there wasn’t an incredible Youtube-video to go along with it. At CES, Nvidia showed that it has taught a computer to compose. It knows everything about classical music basically. Now just imagine what happened when they fed it (specific) John Williams music:

For those of you who are fans of Willams, the music actually sounds like the master himself. Sort of. One of the pieces they fed the AI was clearly Rey’s Theme from The Force Awakens. But still, a computer being able to ‘predict’ how John Williams would compose is pretty epic.