The GTX 1660 ti reviews

If you are on team red, the 1660 ti might not excite you much. After all, it’s a cut down version of the RTX-series cards from Nvidia. But while waiting for Navi might be a thing, the launch of the 1660 ti has made things a little bit more interesting with GTX 1070 performance for a 1060 price.

That being said, AMD isn’t letting this pass and is lowering it’s prices to match the 1660 ti’s price/performance ratio. I’ll let the reviewers explain why that might be tempting… or not.

The new Oneplus 6T

The curated Oneplus 6T review

After the Pocophone F1 this new smartphone might be one of the hottest new gadgets around for the holidays. If you are in the market for a new Android device, Oneplus might have just punched your ticket with a decent price and some really good specs.

Mostly the T-releases from Oneplus have not been too exciting. Just because these were iterations on the non-T model that was released earlier in the year. Enter the 6T. The screen has changed, there is no headphone jack anymore and the notch has (almost) gone. And how about that fingerprint sensor underneath the screen?


The Verge posted a bad PC build guide, then the internet happened

So. What do you think happens when a large publication like The Verge publishes a pc build guide that… well… sucks. It contains glaring mistakes and even gives advice that could wreck your brand spanking new components.

Yup, you’ve guessed it… the internet lost its collective $h*t over it. The guide has been taken down by The Verge after the controversy but thanks to the power of Youtube we can still watch every painful second of it in perpetuity. And some of the reaction videos are pretty funny too.

Picture courtesy of  Schiit

Review: Fulla 2 from Schiit

Apart from the funny name, Schiit audio is creating some of the most popular audio equipment on the market. One of those popular products is the Schiit Fulla 2, a DAC/AMP combo priced at a mere $99.

A DAC/AMP is a nice solution if you want to upgrade your pc audio from the onboard audio to something a bit fancier. It takes your audio equipment out of your noisy Pc-case and puts it in a sleek USB package. The combo package also cranks up the quality of the sound and gives you the possibility to use somewhat higher end headphones with a higher impedance than your onboard audio. So this device is not exactly something you would use for your bargain bin IEM’s, but rather for those high-end AKGs or Senheisers.


Threadripper tears through Intels offering

AMD really did try with the 2990WX to offer something that was reachable for consumers that Intel wasn’t offering. I say reachable but I fully understand that an $1800 price tag isn’t exactly reachable. That and chances are that this part won’t be in stock for a while. Cool about this launch is that AMD is keeping the same motherboards. That means that you won’t have to buy anything other than the processor if you decide to upgrade.