Spokespersons App

 · Written by Jeroen

The spokespeople at the Groningen firebrigade pull double duty when they are on call: they both have to facilitate the media and they need to inform the general public. The media usually call but the general public obviously doesn't. The way to inform the public is usually through social media, especially via Twitter.

However as you can imagine, this double duty isn't always easy especially in emergency situations.

So, I made an app for that. Or at least an app to make things a bit easier for them. It is a rather simple application but it saves them hours of work when they are in the field and when time is at a premium for them.

It gives them some standard messages they can tweet, with an easy to use link that (through the magic of web intent) puts the text straight in their app. They don't have to think about the text (that was pre-cleared) they just simply can press 'Tweet'.

Project Details

Date: 2020

Project URL: https://woordvoerders.veiligheidsregiogroningen.nl/