Colleagues Bas van Sluis and Liselotte Schüren made this portrait of the home front of the soldiers of the dutch military. They were on a mission in Mali while their families were waiting for them at home.

This long read was the second in a string of 4 I made …

Het verdriet van Groningen

Het verdriet van Groningen was the first long read for Dagblad van het Noorden inspired by snowfall by the NY Times.

It was a considerable risk for the company to do this project since the resources were very limited at the time and digital projects were not a priority.

The …

De Uitlegfabriek

De Uitlegfabriek was a startup making YouTube videos to create explainers. At the time, it was an innovative way to explain (difficult) subjects that were in the news. The animations were hand drawn by an animator and were live recorded in a (very) small studio.

I wrote scripts and did …