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Drugsvlucht is a longread I designed together with Journalist Ton van der Laan about a smuggling operation between Drachten and Sweden. The story was written by Ton and the video’s were made by Liselotte Schuren.

The full longread was based on a template I made before. This was the fourth longread I made for Dagblad van het Noorden and the first for the Leeuwarder Courant. Both newspapers belong to the same company and therefor share some resources.

The longread consists of nine chapters. Three chapters start with a video loop to add dramatic effect to those chapters. It was made in pure html and css, with some Bootstrap help. The base for this longread is the same as Lotgenoten and Thuisfront.

The total time spent on making this longread, including the international/English version is about 3,5 – 4 days.

You can view it for free: here.


Lotgenoten is a longread that I made for Dagblad van het Noorden. You can visit it here. The story was written by Liselotte Schuren and Maaike Wind, and I put it together in HTML and CSS.

The story is about the earthquakes in Oklahoma caused by fracking.


This project was a longread for Dagblad van het Noorden. The story was written by Ard Schouwman and I did the design in HTML and CSS.

It is about the earthquakes in the Dutch province of Groningen.

You can visit it here.


The military mission to Mali was manned (in part) by Dutch Soldiers. These soldiers have families at home who struggle with their partners, husbands and fathers being away.

The story was written by Liselotte Schuren and Bas van Sluis and I produced the Longread for Dagblad van het Noorden in CSS and HTML.

You can view it here.


This website is my try at starting my own company around geek culture. I firmly believe that curation of news, acting as a guide, is a good way to give audiences the content that they want and need.

It contains a collection of video’s and links to articles that the audience might find interesting or entertaining.

You can visit it here.


I wanted to write a book about the American Elections in 2016 and experiment with new digital forms. It turned out that Apple had a form that worked out for my ambitions: iBooks.

The point of doing a digital book was to be able to not only correct errors later in the process but also to be able to add new chapters to the book whenever I wanted. This turned out to be a fun way to keep the book ‘alive’ rather than just delivering it.

It also was a way to integrate Twitter, Youtube and Google Maps into a book making it a more interactive experience.

It was and is available for free in the iTunes store.


A previous employer wanted to renew their corporate website. The small VoIP-company was in desperate need of a modern looking web presence.

This site is based on the Avada theme and made in WordPress. I’ve implemented this and (re)written the texts. It mostly serves as an overview of the activities the company is involved in and has no direct sales purpose.

You can visit it here.


As part of my duties at Tijdhof Consulting was renovating the companies online presence. One of the online projects I did for the company was for one of their new products called Simmpl. Apart from naming the product I was able to create the website and write the texts.

The company wanted to keep the maintenance manageable and so this site was based on the Avada theme as well. The use of WordPress is a personal preference of mine as it is powerful and expandable with a lot of plugins. In this case, a Gravity Form was used to make conditional intake forms.

You can visit the site here.

Joop Bouma - 2007 -  (24)

The Zuiderzeelijn was a large rail project in the Netherlands that was to connect Groningen to Amsterdam at high speeds. The plan was however cancelled in favor of a much more modest project called the Hanzelijn.

The cancellation of the Zuiderzeelijn had a big impact on the North. As the travel distance to the economic center of the country was to remain around two hours by train, leaders in the area feared that the local economy would suffer.

Together with my colleagues at OOG Radio we reported on the cancellation of the project both live and in a reportage.



Live interview: