Tooling DvhN

 · Written by Jeroen

When working with journalists, you’ll find out soon that they are specialists in writing text or creating audio or video. But tech skills are uncommon. This creates a challenge when you are collectively creating a website or other digital product where some technical knowledge will help get the work done much better and quicker. It is just simply not the natural habitat for most journalists.

This means that they needed some help with getting things into the CMS. That particular CMS (Escenic) had a lot of options but wasn’t exactly very beginner friendly. You could also add items with pure HTML, but none of the editors actually mastered that.

The tooling was there to make sure every editor could create custom HTML items in their articles. This gave them a lot of freedom in how to create their article and how to tell their stories. And obviously it’s a joy for me to see that these tools were used for years even after I moved on to another job.

Project Details

Client: Dagblad van het Noorden

Date: 2016