Tinkers and Toymakers

 · Written by Jeroen

I always wanted to create a place where I could publish my code. Not just here, but a small publishing company just to create fun stuff that I am passionate about. Given my profession, a website is of course a logical place to start. So that’s where this site came in.

I considered creating a WordPress install for this. Which would be fine. Template on it would be fine. It would run fine. But I really wanted to try out making a static website. Why? Because it is more fun, safer and a heck of a lot quicker.

So static. Lot of work, right? Well, yeah. But not as much as you’d think. I’ve used Pelican as a CMS. This Python project creates static files still, but based on a rather charming set of tools. It takes markdown files and creates HTML out of that with a Jinja2 based templating system.

Of Course I wanted to create my own template, so that was most of the work. That was made with the help of Bootstrap and some CSS fun.

Just to save some time, I shared some code with this website, my blog and Tinkers and Toymakers. Just to make sure I wouldn’t have to spend too much time just maintaining the websites rather than creating content for it.

Project Details

Date: Spring 2022

Project URL: https://tinkersandtoymakers.com