Ukrant (.nl)

 · Written by Jeroen

Ukrant is the local university newspaper for the RuG in Groningen. I advise them on the technical aspects of their website. When I started out consulting with them, their website was throwing pages full of errors every minute. As a result, the site was suffering blackouts whenever there was a spike in traffic. Working with their designers we took care of the errors and the blackouts.

But the code was so messy, that it was not possible to salvage everything. It was clear that a new base code was needed to make sure the site would not suffer future blackouts.

Due to severe budget constraints the choice was made to buy into a pre-made template and customize that where needed. This kept costs within budget and resulted in a code base that isn't throwing errors and is maintained by the original creator.

This project was an excercise in making the best out of a complicated situation. But the result is that their site doesn't suffer blackouts anymore and their page loads have gone down 6 fold.

Project Details

Client: Universiteitskrant

Date: 2021

Project URL: